Warriors: The Ultimate GuideEdit

  "Brightheart's ravaged face reminded every cat of the attack from Tigerstar's half-trained pack of dogs. But Brightheart only remembered when she saw her reflection in a pool of water--so she avoided drinking from anything except fast-flowing streams. She tried hard to forget the horror and pain of the mauling, and to ignore the flinches that came from strangers seeing her for the first time. Far from being treated like an invalid, Brightheart hunted and fought alongside her Clanmates and spent time with every apprentice, training them in specialized battle skills to use if one of their own eyes were injured. She possessed the true beauty that come from courage, loyalty, and devotion--but she had no wish to see her own face.

  Happily, despite her scars, Brightheart's life turned into everything she ever dreamed of: She and Cloudtail had two litters of kits, and their daughter Whitewing had her own kits, Dovewing and Ivypool, who played a critical part in saving the Clans from the Dark Forest.

  Cloudtail never flinched from Brightheart's scar. But then he knew how it felt to be different, not just because of his fluffy, white pelt that older warriors scorned for the way its brightness stood out to every piece of prey. Cloudtail was the son of Firestar's kittypet sister, Princess. She gave him up to be raised as a ThunderClan warrior. As an apprentice, Cloudtail struggled at first; he even went back to the kittypet life until StarClan--and Fireheart--gave him a second chance.

  Cloudtail made the long journey from the forest to the lake, helped establish his Clan in a new home far away from anything they had known before, and risked his own life to save his Clanmates from badgers, storms, and illness--all without believing in StarClan. But he did believe in the battle between good and evil, and he fought as fiercely as any warrior against the cats of the Dark Forest. In the end, loyalty to the warrior code and to his Clanmates mattered more than anything else."


  • Brightheart respects Cloudtail's lack of faith in StarClan.
  • In Cats of the Clans and The Ultimate Guide, Brightheart was shown with an amber eye.
  • Cloudtail never loved Daisy