Warriors: The Ultimate Guide

"Pinestar was the leader of Thunderclan when Bluekit (later Bluestar) was born. He was fiercly protective of ThunderClan's borders and prey, but preferred a show of strength via patrols and words rather than actual conflict to resolve any issues. Pinestar was a calm, fair-minded leader, resigned to doing battle with RiverClan over Sunningrocks, and confident in the abilites of his deputy, Sunfall, to organize the Clan's daily routine. When his medicine cat Goosefeather found a sign that warned WindClan was on the verge of destroying Thunderclan, Pinestar reluctantly agreed to take action. Several of his senior warriors were eager to invade WindClan and teach them exactly what would come of stealing prey from ThunderClan, but Pinestar knew how much this would cost his clanmates in injuries and even death.

Pinestar led the attack on Windclan himself, and the battle turned out as bloody as he had feared, with the death of Bluepaw's mother, Moonflower, at the claws of WindClan's warrior-turned-medicine cat, Hawkheart. The battle was lost, and Pinestar grew increasingly disillusioned with the violence and contrasting fragility of Clan life. He started roaming beyond the borders of ThunderClan, crossing into Twolegplace and observing the easy lives of kittypets who didn't have to risk their lives for the sake of food and shelter. 

Pinestar was befriended by a kittypet named Jake, who was intrigued by the cats in the woods and had once traveled for a while with Talltail, a warrior from WindClan. Pinestar started to take food from a twoleg, and gradually life outside the Clan became more and more appealing. His travels couldn't stay secret for long, though, and he was spotted on one of his Twolegplace visits by a young ThunderClan apprentice named Lionpaw. Embarrassed, Pinestar lied that he was engaged in a long battle with a kittypet, and was just pretending to be one himself in order to pass unchallenged through Twolegplace.

But yet another invasion of Sunningrocks by RiverClan made Pinestar realize that he could not spend his last life fighting for every paw step of territory and every mouthful of food. His greatest regret was leaving behind his kits with Leopardfoot, especially the little tom, Tigerkit, who was already fierce and bold and eager to fight. Pinestar handed over leadership of his Clan to Sunfall, then left to live with his adopted Twoleg. Pinestar believed he had served his Clan loyally and well for eight long lives, and he deserved some peace a the end."


  • Vicky has mentioned on her Facebook that Poppydawn might be Pinestar's daughter.
  • He was described as ginger in The Ultimate Guide.
  • He is shown without scars or a torn ear in The Ultimate Guide.
  • In The Ultimate Guide Pinestar confirms that he was not called Pinestar when he died.
  • Pinestar's choice created the 13'th rule of the warrior code
Taken form the book Warriors: The Ultimate Guide by Erin Hunter.