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"To many this is the noblest Clan, the Clan of heroes. But i take no sides; All Clans have their strengths and weaknesses, which differ according to whose story you listen to.

    Thunderclan cats are impressive hunters; I'd even say I envied them their skills, but a life enclosed in rattling trees, would not suit me. They have the skills to make themselves silent and invisible so they can hunt the little creatures that scuttle through fern and fallen leaf. You've heard of the hunters crouch, when they gather their strength into their hindquarters before making the final leap? That is a Thunderclan trick; You'll not find it used by any other Clan.

 Thunderclan has always been the fiercest guardian of the warrior code; if another Clan breaks it, you'd think every Thunderclan warrior bleeds from the wound. No cat could accuse them of being afraid to fight, as long as they believe the fight is truly justified---unlike others I could name, who seem to love the rip of fur beneath their claws and need no other excuse for battle. Did I mention Shadowclan's name?

 Thunderclan have had their fair share of border trouble. Back in the forest they quarreled with Riverclan over Sunningrocks almost every season. When the Clans first came to the forest, this little hill of stones was an island and belonged to Riverclan because they were the only cats who could reach it, by swimming. But when the river changed course, the rocks were joined with dry land to Thunderclans territory, and both Clans have laid claim to them ever since.

 By the lake Thunderclan has faced a constant threat from Shadowclan on their shared border. For now, Firestar has granted Blackstar's Clan hunting rights on the exposed stretch where twolegs come in greenleaf; a wise move, some cats say, because there is little prey to be found their. And another reason for Thunderclan to proclaim how fair and generous they are. I wonder how long Shadowclan will be satisfied with this addition to their territory?"

Warriors: The Ultimate GuideEdit

    "Like all of the clans, Thunderclan has been shaped by the nature of its home, by the dense forest and prey-rich thickets that lie between its boundaries. My warriors are the most skilled predators of any clan, able to make themselves silent and invisible in order to hunt the tiny furred and feathered creatures that live among us. They can stalk over fallen leaves and brittle twigs without making a sound, and from a standstill they can pounce with enough strength to bring down a full-grown rabbit. We are descended from the cats who were most adept at hunting beneath the trees, who were undaunted by branches blocking out the sky and the need to fight enemies at close quarters when there was no open space in which to escape an attacker. This battling in close quarters gave us courage and confidence in our abilities to feed and defend ourselves, and we knew the forest was the right home for us.

It was the warrior code that let us grow as a Clan and maintain our beloved forest territory. No Clan guards the code as passionately as Thunderclan. To our dying breath, we know it will protect us from injustice, cruelty, and needless battles. The code tells us to check our boundaries daily, and prohibits trespassing or hunting on another Clan's territory, and we follow this. The other Clans might call us cowards for avoiding constant border skirmishes, but we would fight for our territory as fiercly as any of them--just not when a more peaceful answer can be found by obeying the code that we share.

When we lived in the forest beside Twolegplace, our greatest border quarrel was with Riverclan over Sunningrocks. When cats first came to the forest, these rocks were an island in the middle of the river, accessible only to those peculiar cats who were willing to swim to it. But the river changed its course, and the rocks were soon attached by dry land to Thunderclan territory. The only logical conclusion was that they should be absorbed into our borders.Riverclan, those fish-eating mouse-brains, insisted this was unfair and tried bitterly to reclaim Sunningrocks. We won more of those battles than we lost, which speaks for itself. When my warriors know they are in the right, they will fight like lions.

But we also know what it is like to be without the boundaries of a Clan. Living so close to Twolegplace in the forest, we met more kittypets than the other Clans, and had more rogues passing through. I tried to teach my Clan to treat these strangers as cats just like us before judging them for where they were born. Compared to some of the dark-hearted warriors clawing at our borders, there are better cats who have no belief in Starclan at all. Cats can learn to follow the warrior code, but they cannot always learn to have the compassion or courage that comes from faith."


  • The main Thunderclan prey is mice, birds, shrews and voles.
  • Thunderclan's camp in the forest was in a ravine.

Taken from the book Warriors: Cats of the Clan by Erin Hunter
Taken from Warriors: The Ultimate Guide by Erin Hunter